Another hiatus – broken!

I’m back to dust the cobwebs off my page!

It has been a while and being busy just doesn’t cut it sometimes but that is my excuse. It is surprising since I’ve always been a firm believer that if you like something you would always find time for it no matter what.

So I should re-look into my priorities…

which leads me to this link I bump into today!

No.7 totally applies to me. I am the lonely single in her twenties filling up her time with things to distract myself from the lonesome truth.

So I don’t rest. I don’t read romance stories although I do backslide on this once in a while (hormones). I don’t watch sappy movies with love and flowers in it. I just go out, exercise, make appointments, talk to anyone I know and spend time on everything but…myself.

I probably should reevaluate my lifestyle and choice of activities. Then another side of me would protest : but you’re having the time of your life, it’s FUN!

It’s always a raging battle inside and then people try guilt tripping you to doing things they think you SHOULD do. Thankfully I only feel guilty if I think I should have done the deed, which is, not all the time. I recover quickly from my bouts of guilt.

After all…things to do, right?

Outdoor Outing Fun

What a way to kickstart the weekend by waking up early and getting outdoors right away!

After my trip up to Mount Kinabalu, I just can’t get enough of being in tune with nature and just sweating out all the air conditioning out of my system. I love that with each pump of the muscles, I’m moving forward, just walking or jogging into greenery.

My friends and I went to Bukit Cahaya, a botanical garden in Shah Alam, which is pretty far from our homes, about 20 km away. Road trip! It was great that we car pool so we chatted all the way to our destination whilst being accompanied by good music.

The picnic was fantastic with everyone contributing food, drinks, snacks and desserts. I have to say, the best part is where 2 of the new comers brought a whole watermelon and pineapple, equipped with a knife and chopping board! Enthusiastic people!

Two from our group organised this outing and also put in some games to while away the time rather than doing nothing and providing nourishment to the resident mosquitoes.

Some of us were becoming a buffet meal…they probably got really delicious virginal blood that has not been exposed to being outdoors so much. Mmmm office blood.

Picnic Outing

I’m getting really addicted to the outdoors and am in the midst of planning a few more excursions, one of them is definitely a second trip up Mount Kinabalu but through the Mersilau route.

The next is to Gunung Tahan, will need to check around to see how the trip will be like, heard that its a 7 day hiking trip return.

Also up my sleeve is a trip to Israel! Now that is one trip I can’t wait to pack my bags for!!

Now, I shall rest and get my book out to relax before a pint or few more tonight.

Hellllloooooo Saturday indeed 🙂

Fun times at Home #7

My whole family loves animals, dogs being our favourite animal. So its not such a shock to know that we religiously keep to all of the “Dog whisperer’s” series. We always look forward to watching which weird dog Cesar’s gonna tame next, sometimes putting his moves on each other…because its entertaining like that.

A few scenarios that happened —

Mini fun time #1

Cesar was teaching a couple on how to raise a dog’s confidence by stroking under his chip with an upwards motion, rather than patting his head which is to put it down to its place.

Me : Whoa, I didn’t know that! I know another friend’s dog that needs to know its place!

Dad : *pats my head down firmly*

Me : OI!!!!!

Everybody laughs…har har very funny.

Mini fun time #2

Cesar was teaching a dog its boundaries and then the dog start acting up, Cesar immediately made his infamous shushing sound with the finger shoving gesture at the dog which always magically stops the dog in its tracks.

That got an immediate response from the rest of us.

Me : Mom! SSSH! SSH! No more snacks!

Mom : SSH! yourself! I won’t cook you dinner!

Both sisters SSH each other while rolling around the carpet…omg they’re weird….

Youngest sis : Hey remember the other dog we met at a friend’s house? Didn’t you try this on her?

Me : Oh yeah I did!

Youngest sis : yeah she refused to listen to her owner but you came in pointed your finger at her and she quietly sat down! You didn’t even make a sound!

Me : Oh yes I’m alpha, now bow to me slaves!!!

Both sisters : we are wormsssssss….

Ok, not true about the worms but I did say I’m alpha which everyone agrees…there is a real worm story! I’ll share next time!

Fun times at Home #5

So I thought about which fun times would be fun to share and inadvertently create one this morning!

My youngest sister has great affections for her soft, sinkable bed. Its really comfortable, I’ve jumped on it a few times when she’s out. Ah fun times.

But of course that’s not today’s fun time post, this is what happened :

I have dressed up and just finished my oatmeal when my second sister slithered out her room. She looked at me and smiled…scarily.

Me : Why smile like that at me?!

Her : *smiles some more* *snorts and goes back into her room*

That reminded me that I have another sister who has not woken up…

I swung her room door with great aplomb and sang like Pavarotti

Me : Melanie…melanieeeeeee….MEEEEELANIEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!! ***

Young sis : *snores*

Oh well, not everyone likes opera.


***Names have been changed to protect her privacy.

Thinking random thoughts

I was wondering this morning, how would anchovies and ice cream taste like together?

It would be an interesting taste wouldn’t it? the salty crunch with the smooth sweetness, almost like salted caramel. Oh I’m salivating, I wonder if the fishy aftertaste of the anchovies would be drowned by the vanilla essence from the ice cream?

And random thoughts continue to generate in my mind. Breeding incessantly, like hamsters on viagra.

The Power of Words, Words and Words

Just bought and read the first 20 pages a book called “The Four Agreements”, written by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Typically, I wouldn’t be caught reading anything else aside from my favourite genre’s : fantasy, thrillers and adventure. However I have been encouraged and persuaded to invest a little for my own personal development.

What surprises me however is how much of an easy read this book turned out to be! Most of the time I avoided personal development books like a plague because of the perception that it would be dry, fake and repetitive. I was proven wrong on all counts.

The book appealed to my love for mythology and stories as it started off with a little history on how they came about the “agreements” and new found wisdom they want to share. Its only the first 20 pages but I can’t wait to return to it to see what else I can learn from it.

So far, I was taught the power of words, how it affects not only others but ourselves as well. How we are formed by the words we speak out because words, not only affect people emotionally but they also form a binding agreement with the brain. I didn’t realise how profoundly powerful a sentence uttered could change a person entirely!

The book proved itself right though because unknowingly that’s what happened to me! I have a really good friend who says nothing but good and positive words on me. It was ALL he said and he strengthened the power of his words by saying this :

“Its only the truth.”

Not only did he succeeded in making me feel a lot better with myself, his words formed an agreement in my head that I am that sort of person! What happened later was that people start noticing a change in me. Not only in my posture or my outlook but get this, they actually say that my features have improved tremendously! I didn’t realise anything like this is happening, I see myself in the mirror everyday and I still look the same to me.

Its as if God performed plastic surgery on me overnight.

I learn not to undermine the power of words and to speak with care. I can’t wait to read on and see what else can I glean from this book. Check it out yourself and see what you can take from it!

I have to add another thing

from my previous post…

It turns out that I don’t just get irritated by that one friend’s half hearted answer.

(whoo boy)

I call a customer service centre to check on some of the orders I’ve made. Not only was the person incompetent but the half assed answers ticked me off so badly I almost blew my top on the phone.

Its the “uhhh…I think…I’m not sure’s” that really got me seeing red. I don’t mind if the person does not have the answers or they don’t know the status of things. I just don’t like it when they think that my concern is of no importance.

Thankfully I quelled my irritation and asked the person clearly on what was needed and expected for me to obtain the information I seeked. Took a deep breath and counted to ten….then I saw the light.

Anyway, I will not dwell on that too much. After all, today’s my Friday of the week! Hallelujah for off days

Motivating me

I was in need of cheering up last night when not getting any rest was finally getting to me. I was physically tired, mentally drained and emotionally unstable. Never knew being so tired can change a person like that.

Before I turned into a blubbering mess, I called a friend to distract my thoughts. What better way to fix things by not dwelling on the problem only? This friend, (poor guy), is an exceptionally nice person and for some reason or rather, I can get exceptionally irritated by him.

So I called him :

Me : Hi, can you talk now?
Him : Yep whassup?
Me : I need something to distract me so that I can sleep, hurry, say something irritating.
Him : ?!?!?!? WTH?!
Him : Are you okay?
Me : I’m fine, I’m good but I need something to distract me…

(at this moment my voice started to choke which probably caused some concern, but I didn’t want that to be the focus)

Me : Say something

(He failed at first saying something of no significance)

Him : Erm,….okay…I don’t know what to say now…
Me : Btw ….(starts talking about our meeting arrangements)
Him : Ah…

He started giving half hearted answers, and that’s when my irritation grew. I know now what ticks me off.

He then proceeded to give me more half hearted answers. I was boiling mad.

Me : Urgh! You’re so irritating! I hate you! I’m going to bed now! G’night!!!

*hangs up*

Phew. I did feel better. And this morning, I woke up refreshed and found a couple of quotes to continue motivating my spirit. Here’s to a good day!

Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.
Victor Kiam

I can, therefore I am.
Simone Weil

An Exceptional Morning Greeting

Our day is more often depicted by how well our morning starts, progressing towards how things go before lunch and finally it’ll roll accordingly till its time to go home.

I’m glad and grateful that my every morning is greeted by an overly enthusiastic door man. He would start every sentence with either a “good morning beautiful” or “good morning love”.

He’ll then follow through with the following :

“Have a successful day”
“Have a sweet day”
“Have a fantastic working day”

Its always either those, I’m pretty sure there’s more really. He always encourages me to smile as well which would lighten my mood tremendously to prepare myself for the day’s work.

Today, he added a cool move, he brought up his fist and said “Give it a punch my girl!”

I promptly fist bump him. That was so awesome.

My morning today so far, has been nothing short of awesome.

A Close Call

Was notified of a morning appointment yesterday, I called my senior manager just to make sure she notified the right person (as one was feeling particularly lazy that moment). To my aghast, she didn’t make a mistake so I confirmed the address and procured the directions. Thank God for google maps.

Morning shoved in unceremoniously through the gaps of my curtains, I wanted to lay motionless for a while longer but I fear I might never leave this bed. I grunted and plonked onto the floor, then rolled myself to the bathroom.

I was really lazy.

I wasn’t sure of the directions to my destination either. Dammit.

Fast forward, I’m in my car not listening to anything, my mind solely focused on finding my way, hoping that my gut instincts would do its magic once again.

Suddenly the car in front of me stopped, I hadn’t realised until I hear a heart wrenching noise as my car kissed the other car’s ass. My mouth hung open and I waited, the person in front stopped his car, opened his car door and checked for damages.

I waited, my mouth still hung open.

He walked towards me and I rolled down my window, and promptly said “I’m sorry.”

I was waiting for nasty words, swearing and demand for compensation, instead he asked in an exasperated tone “Why did you have to drive so fast?”

It was more like a rebuke than anything else and he turned his back, got into his car and drove off.

My mouth still hung open and I snapped out of my reverie.

What just happened?

Another honk behind and I continued my drive to my destination.

Fast forward once more (not as fast as that morning for sure), I parked my car and checked the front.

Not a scratch, not a dent.

Nothing to tell the tale.