I’ve climbed Mount Kinabalu!

One of the top “things-to-do” that I have wanted to achieve since I was 18 has finally been cleared!

So glad that I’m starting to fulfill my life dreams one by one.

The climb up was not immensely difficult, though it was not a walk in the park either. I find the hardest part at the last 700 metres to the summit. I was at the verge of giving up so many times. My stomach was growling with accumulated gasses and hunger; the wind was blowing cold air into my exposed face, I was tired both physically and mentally.

I really wanted to give up. Imagine if I did! I would have kicked myself silly for stopping just 700 metres away!

The thing that helped and made a difference was the constant voice of encouragement by a friend. She held my hand at the toughest point and stopped with me when I felt low. Then she would say “Are we ok now? Ready to move on?”

Another friend would also say “Ok let’s move forward” And he would say it no matter how many times we stop.

By the time I reach the top, I was unable to catch the sunrise, but oh boy, was the view wondrous. I was just in awe that 4,095 metres above ground and we did it.

My feel good moment at the top 🙂

Because I can think of absolutely nothing at all…

Everything is on “action” mode now. Its a do or die mode, spend now and regret later. Unfortunately I wish I can say the same for sex me now and ask me later, whoops, where did that came from. *snickers*

Its been an eventful time since I went AWOL from writing. Not that my writing misses me but I thought it would be nice of me to be considerate and drop by time to time. Yes, I am consoling myself, self gratification happens on a daily basis. It justifies my existence.

You know that saying, love yourself….or something. Only remembered that part, so I’ve been doing much self loving by:
1. Working out (picked up a new martial art)

2. Eating healthily (in moderation, junk food still exists, in fact I’m going to a fast food joint for lunch today, good lord yes…)

3. Dressing up

4. Buying more books (I need to find time to read them)

5. Downloading more ebooks

6. Spending money on random food

I sound like I’m getting over a break up. Which sounds pretty sad when there wasn’t anything going on to begin with. A big face palm is needed right now. Looking back I see what a busy social life I’m giving myself, my schedule is packed to the brim and I’m just so busy doing so many things and nothing at all (reading awesome comic books and finishing up the books I just started).

Yoda would’ve quote “Much life is needed for self, as self needs much life”.

Nerd, workaholic, and fitness junkie thou must not become.

Let me bring out my red carpet.

On a brighter note, bringing out the pessimist in me is strangely refreshing, I feel a lot better now.

9 Hours

of glorious sleep.

That was the ticket.

I’ve been exhausted the past 2 weeks coping with the amount of functions, outings and work that needed my attention. I was so busy that I have not even had time for meals and rest, ended up looking haggard with a slow wit.

Its funny how we can compromise with the basics of life, when we were taught to have a good foundation before entering into anything complex or detailed.

I read another article just the other day where the majority of people living the fast life could forgo all the necessities in order to fulfill a short term goal / pleasure.

I wonder if they ever thought of what happens next? Do you continue the same cycle to fulfill another fleeting moment of pleasure? Is there even a thought to break out of the cycle?

What I’m able to do after having that rejuvenating glorious 9 hours cannot compare to the amount of work or thought process when I lack rest. I feel so good I’m able to do so much more and plan ahead…so finally…I have made

my facial appointment.

Yay to the joys of pampering.

Random meetings, planned meetings

I have to apologise for not being able to update anything during the weekend, for the first time in a rather long time, I had no time to stay at home! I was out, meeting people, spending time with people and having a really good time.

Saturday was a rather busy day and it started really early in the morning with a slow hike up the hill together with a few brave friends. Brave because we had a sleep over at my place and they were burning energy under insufficient rest, we only had about 5 hours of sleep. They looked pretty exhausted and I can’t say I look any better either.

Thought I could have recovered my strength with a siesta when I reach home I ended up getting distracted by my books and read till I had to leave for another appointment. This time a 3 hour talk that ended up becoming a 4 hour event. I enjoyed myself but I was really running myself ragged then.

I left straight after to my aunts house for dinner and also to catch up with the relatives, finished everything by 8pm, reached home and was totally knocked out by 8:30pm.

Sunday turned out to be an early start as well and I had the best time of my life singing my lungs out at church, certainly that woke me up but what came after was a pretty nice surprise.

I met up with an acquaintance and ended up being invited out for a movie! Unfortunately the movie was a no go due to my incompetence in finding a car park, in my defense it was not entirely my fault since there was a strange cosplay convention going on then as well. We ended up passing our time chatting over drinks. It was rather pleasant.

The final agenda of the day turned out to be the BIG NASTY. Initially my friends and I planned a rather tame movie marathon with snacks and drinks to pass our time together.

I got really hungry.

Our plans weren’t changed, just postponed for a couple of hours as we head off to a brazillian buffet. It was a massive meat fest. I have never ate so many kinds of meat at one sitting. I wasn’t merciful to my stomach as I gorged on a stupendous amount of food, it didn’t help that I was dining with 2 guys as well. Both who were immensely happy with just having meat and more meat. Sometimes taking two pieces at a go.

That wasn’t all, we head off for ice cream as well.

My body was definitely crying out in protest from the abuse, but I was heartless and ignored its cries. We continued on after ice cream to my friend’s house and started the movie.

Everything finally end at 12am. I head home, groggy but satisfied.

I caught up with close friends, good friends, made more plans for the following week and for the next couple of months. Committed to a group event and forge new friendships!

Life just couldn’t get better than this.

A thought came…

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.  – Ray Bradbury

That’s what I need to do tonight!

*side note: I didn’t notice until I published this, but the sidebar on wordpress actually had this quote :

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.— Isaac Asimov

So cool.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Today marks the death of visionary Steve Jobs. Another astounding human being, snatched by the claws of death. Depriving us from enjoying the contributions and joy from this one man.

Just like many before, their presence will be dearly missed.

It is a sad thing as I realised that with all these visionaries perishing one by one. All before experiencing the ‘ripe old age’. Who are the people who will be filling their shoes? Are the new generation prepared to surge ahead and bring in the new era with as much vigour as they did?

I fear that with the departure of these prominent leaders of their own field, the rest of us are all waiting in anticipation for their successors to produce the exact same standards if not better. How are we to know that they have the same passion and vision of their product? How do we know that despite their passing, the rest of us can still look forward to a bright future because there are the sparks of light left behind on the shoulders of his trusted ones?

More and more of them cluttered the front page of our newspapers. With each passing, I felt a foreboding.
That we are not yet ready and we are also fearful.

Back from a pause

Just back from a refreshing four day break after the rush of work. It has been a fantastic time catching up with friends and family alike.

The most important update though is the opportunity I got to finish a book! Finally my first book in months! Was afraid that I am losing my touch in enjoying the wonderful world of books.

Right now in hand, I have started on a rather exciting book titled “the king’s bastard”. It’s the first book of the trilogy – the chronicles of king rolen’s kin. I wonder if there was a series prior to this one. So far the start of the book gave me quite a pull and it has been relatively successful in maintaining my interest. Looking forward to see what unfolds through the pages!

Speaking of books, I have always wondered how would it be like to work in the library or somewhere where I’ll be needed to write reviews on books that I’ve read? Hmmm, I’ll need to do some research on this and try it out!

*Imagines being constantly surrounded by books and a good cuppa.*


When you’re a kid, the world is a magical place!

With a trunkful of possibilities, and not an ounce of doubt. A day was an adventure and the nights were spent reliving it while fighting dragons. Food was a source of energy to be used until the body screams for replenishment, and ice cream…oh yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to eat for the rest of your life!

Many people keep trying to step into another person’s shoes, introducing phrases like, looking through the eyes of a child, there’s a whole lot of possibilities and the like.

But what about yours? Your very own socket-filled eye balls. I’m certain imagination hasn’t been banned yet.

As far as I’m concerned I believe that having an imagination has not fell out of trend nor has it been deemed illegal!

Having an imagination is wonderful, having another person to share that imagination makes it incredibly more fun. I believe also that with some belief, that imagination can be something real.

I think that’s how children are able to learn so much faster than we could at our adulthood. The possibilities are numerous and their boundaries does not exist. In fact, the potential to achieve is limitless! Only when we start understandings the ways of the world is when we started having limits.

To challenge myself and to make my life a lot more exciting, i have prepared my sword and shield, ready to go against the very world that dictated that I should memorize my times table. C’mon dragons, here I come!

Books in My Life

Getting pretty excited with the prospect of decorating my own room to my own taste instead of  relying on others for once! I will be meeting an interior designer this weekend to discuss the kind of things I need or don’t need in my room. Well, of course I have been working and I realise that the table has lost its importance by 80% aside for the need to put my laptop on it…I’m thinking of using that space for my books instead.

A foldable wall table would be practical! I’ll be using my space efficiently and there would be more space to roll about on the floor! There’s just so many things I’d like to ask the interior designer, if he could make a palace out of an economical budget…I’m sure something can be done.

My excitement is really skyrocketing and I just couldn’t help but look for inspiration already! Oh but at least it shows my initiative and how much I want this room to be like this:

The books are within reach and I would have a mini stand to put the books that I’m reading! Oh and because I found one, there’s more:

This looks a lot more to my liking but I can’t imagine sleeping beneath accumulated amount of dust!

And the grand finale…words just don’t need to describe it when the picture can.

I can’t wait.