Back after a Breather

I have been missing classes before and after my Kinabalu trip, fitting in the time to complete my tasks at work and working out to get me ready for the climb.

Last night, I finally stepped into the gym and man it felt good, although I wasn’t as smooth or reacting as fast as I was before. The adrenaline and great sweat out worked for me.


I have to say, the climb has definitely affected me, spiritually, mentally and physically. Right now, I’m thinking, I need to get back into the regime, to eat healthily, work out while having fun and living the lifestyle that improves my outlook in life!

While I was at the summit, all I could think of was “Wow. Thank you God for helping me reach the top. Your creation rocks ass.”

I felt a lot lighter, better and ready to take on the world. Not entirely sure why but it seemed important for me to list out the things I want to do, accomplish, improve as well as what I want to do with myself.

Strange that one climb made such a difference in thought and outlook. I have another amazing adventure waiting for me in October. Will that too, be the tipping point of my life?

I can’t wait.

I’ve climbed Mount Kinabalu!

One of the top “things-to-do” that I have wanted to achieve since I was 18 has finally been cleared!

So glad that I’m starting to fulfill my life dreams one by one.

The climb up was not immensely difficult, though it was not a walk in the park either. I find the hardest part at the last 700 metres to the summit. I was at the verge of giving up so many times. My stomach was growling with accumulated gasses and hunger; the wind was blowing cold air into my exposed face, I was tired both physically and mentally.

I really wanted to give up. Imagine if I did! I would have kicked myself silly for stopping just 700 metres away!

The thing that helped and made a difference was the constant voice of encouragement by a friend. She held my hand at the toughest point and stopped with me when I felt low. Then she would say “Are we ok now? Ready to move on?”

Another friend would also say “Ok let’s move forward” And he would say it no matter how many times we stop.

By the time I reach the top, I was unable to catch the sunrise, but oh boy, was the view wondrous. I was just in awe that 4,095 metres above ground and we did it.

My feel good moment at the top 🙂

Off days, Holidays, Working days

These days there aren’t any difference between the three. I work nearly everyday and I have my off moments where I just switch off (doesn’t matter if I’m actually relaxing or sneaking off in the office reading a comic book – I thank God my boss doesn’t have my blog URL).

Long days at work makes me tired. Long holidays makes me restless, while off days…I just remain switched off (I can imagine a red on/off button just at the back of my spine then).

I wonder what is it I’m looking for now?

Staring at the screen with a stern face – as my colleagues say. I thought about the question. I quickly switch the page to an excel document just to make it look like I’m working and sat quietly with Maroon 5 pumping their party like music into my ears.

My fingers pressed onto my temple as I try to figure out my frustration. (Really? I’m frustrated? Its hard to admit it but that is the closest feeling I can relate to now)

Then my thoughts started wandering to memories of me screaming my lungs out in New Zealand as I zipped down a line in god-knows-how-many-miles-per-hour. That brought a small smile. Another thought came and I was out under the blue sky with the sun kissing my face. My heart starts beating a little faster.

And my eyes grew tired.

I know what I need to do, so here’s a couple of quotes to pick me up and hopefully you’d find something from it too.

Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.
Dale Carnegie

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
H. Jackson Brown Jr. (P.S. I Love You)

I want to travel too

All my friends are travelling.

One is on his way to New York City today, one will be off to the Philippines this Sunday, another just returned from his European trip.

Of course I made sure to ask for souvenirs, it is only right that they remember me during their trip!

I wonder when will it be my turn to travel, and where to?

I have a group of friends suggesting that we head off to Amsterdam, next year.


Another friend say let’s go to the UK and tour around Europe, in the year 2014.


*Hear me dripping with sarcasm*

What about THIS year though? Yes, yes I have already went to New Zealand, I know, but I am still itching to visit a couple more places! Maybe I want to go somewhere with a humanitarian purpose!

I happen to read this article (Teaching English Creatively) in The Star newspaper this morning; it spurred something mighty deep in me. I have always wanted to help people, I have always wanted to see how it is like to actually go out there to be in the same space with them, talk to them and see what I can do to be of help.

I know of a friend, and I admire her very much. She took a 3 month sabbatical to volunteer in Indonesia to help out in an orphanage. I mean, who does that?!

Everyone is really concerned about their careers, their ambitions, their goals. I fear we might have compromised our dreams.

Everyone is travelling; I hope my turn will come soon.

Life an adventure

There are things that I want to do, and things that I want to fulfill.

Now, i need to find a big bolt cutter to snap me out of the shackles I have on me.

Last night while chatting with my friend about the things I wrote above, he asked, “what’s stopping you from doing what you want to do?”

When I heard that I almost blurt out “That is easy for you to say since you have a flexible job.”

But is it really as easy as that? Because he has a flexible job, he could do whatever he likes? So the only thing shackling me down is really, my job?

Somehow I don’t think the answer would be as easy as that. I mean if I really want to travel, all I need to do is to earn the funds I need, QUIT my job (or get a sabbatical) and head off to my new adventure!

THAT can be done.

Then, I thought again and still feel the same uneasiness in me, can I really quit my job, leave everything behind and just go off on an adventure? Where do I go? Do I go alone? What do I do?

There isn’t a plan. Hang on, there IS a plan, I know where I want to go and what I want to do, so what is the problem, why am I giving myself so many excuses?

I tossed and turned last night, it took me almost an hour before sweet sleep took me. During my fight with wakefulness, I know, I’m actually just afraid.

Because I’m used to the shackles on me, it tells me that there isn’t really any need to go out and discover new places, new people, new things. I could just stay here, moon about my wandering dreams and not fulfilling it then, instead I could work, build my career, buy a house, provide for my family and there, that’s the end of it. ONLY then, I’ll go out and do what I want to do.

It would be too late.

The shackles have to go, and I really need to find that bolt cutter, because I know, the only thing stopping me :

is me.

Living on my own for 6 months – 5

I found the distinct difference of my lifestyle and the lifestyle provided by my mom. When I was staying here, everything that I own or have is all based on necessity to its most basic. Whereas when my mom came for a short visit, she virtually transformed the atmosphere of my apartment unit to something close to a home of comfort.

There’s everything I need, all my shoes, clothes and the things you use to clean. Everything was there and I don’t know what it is but the place feels different after that.

I still have a lot to learn on making my place a comfortable place. I suppose its part of my nature in being a minimalist. The only thing I do in excess is my love for books. Now that’s a challenge. I didn’t want to have too many books here that I’ll be forced to face the reality of ditching them. No way in the depths of Dante’s inferno will I ever commit such a sin!


Aside from that, its been pretty good here. I am loving the time I have with friends and my own quiet time with my reading and laptop loving.

Work is coming along and there are more exciting activities in store, I can’t wait for the next wave of business to come! I’ve managed to subdue the previous one, its pretty much in control now. The next one is going to be awesome. My friends are wondering if I’m turning into a workaholic, but then again, this place has its relaxing nature that makes you feel ok after you’re done with work. Somehow the stress level is not the same. I can have the KL attitude when I work and then the KK attitude when I rest. It evens out!

I want to go for my little adventure…and operation hair colour change! Can’t wait!

Living on my own for 6 months – 4

A couple of weeks has passed since I’ve updated on my living conditions here in the land below the wind.

In summary, its been great. There were holidays and it was pretty long! I spent my free time with my cousin and my grandmother, not to mention immersing myself in ANIME! So good…felt really good it was a little hard to get back to work!

But anyway, things were good until the management decided to disconnect my water supply AGAIN. That’s just great. I couldn’t head off to work smelling like old Billy’s back end, so I decided to brave myself and clean myself up at the condo’s swimming pool shower room. I thought to myself, there aren’t many people early in the morning so it’ll be fine.

NO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Instead the pool was brimming with screaming kids, teenagers and adults, all frolicking, brawling and, yeah well swim if they have any space at all.

I need to get clean, so yes I cleaned myself, and after that marched straight to the management office. Found out that they were just as surprised as I was when I asked for an explanation for the water cut. I mean, shouldn’t there be a notice or something?

Anyway, gonna get it solved this afternoon.

Another thing about living on my own, food is an issue. I come home then I realise there’s nothing in the fridge and I couldn’t be arsed to go out and find food, so I just end up having cereal. Thank God for cereal!!!! Its just no fun to cook for one person so I didn’t bother.

I remember there’s a book for teens or uni students about how to prepare one person meals, and it was really interesting! They had alot of ‘colorful’ meals and funny ways to make it seem fun! But as I mentioned, I couldn’t be arsed at all. Not to mention, spend more money?? No no no…

So its the rainy season here, driving around is a must even though it only takes 5 minutes to walk. Bleh. Yesterday I didn’t want to spend anymore money on things, I refuse to get an umbrella so I played games and read manga in secret recipe till the rain stops. It was ok but I didn’t fancy walking around at night. I should try it again since I’m wearing more comfortable clothes…we’ll see how the next couple of weeks goes…

Living on my own for 6 months – 3

Alright, I know I’m writing everyday, and some may think “Oi you! don’t you have anything better to do?!”

Thing is, so many things happened and I needed an outlet to (vent) share!

Now, first of all, there was this episode of me locking myself out of the apartment. That’s ok because things got solved in the end. A number of things happened like I had to go fix the car and realised that there’s a million and one things to fix in the end, but it got solved too! And at a reasonable price.

Yesterday…here it comes:

The management cut my water supply.

Why?! Why?! WHY?! My bill has been paid the moment I moved in, which was last week! That doesn’t give them time to say ” oh its almost the end of the month and we haven’t heard anything from this one, so SNIP SNIP!”

Bleh, I had to go out without a shower last night…I didn’t stink.

After making gentle inquiries and with my skill of persuasion. I got my water back! That was what they promised me last night anyway.

This morning there was still no water. I have to pick up my boss and his family and my house feels…flawed. Nooo I need water! Which reminds me, I need milk too, must remember that later.

I marched down to the guardhouse again and told them ” heya, I still don’t have water in my place, don’t you just like my stink permeating your premises?” Nah I didn’t say it like that, but it felt like that. I told the guard nicely and ask them to please release my water.

They showed me where the controls are…bwahahaha…now I know!!!

So yes, after a satisfying cold shower, and a clean up in the house, I feel a little better.

We’ll just see how the rest of the week goes, thank God for the word this morning and the prayer last night. I asked for favour and no one questioned me when I told them the billed was paid. Also reminding myself that I am a child of God makes it easier as I think less of the conditions and more of who I am. Good things happen to those who believe after all!

So I believe the next couple of days, is gonna be GREAT!

Living on my own for 6 months – 2

Chronicling my experiences can be fun since fun things happen to me. For instance, yesterday was a good and busy yet interesting day. From how I managed to lock myself out of my own apartment to getting my place cleaned and then realising that the floor is still sticky the next day…lol.

The list just goes on.

It made me appreciate all the good things I’ve always had and now I need to grow up a little more and do things on my own…well not necessarily everything but just the things I know I’m not that good in doing.

Since I’m living in the central business district of the land below the wind, it would be a shame not to explore the shopping areas, who knows I may find something I need…like floor cleaning detergent.

Though I do get a twinge every time I pass by the book store, as I made a vow to not buy books until I manage to get all that I’ve owned finished! Very difficult, the twinge was apparent especially when I walked pass a book authored by James Patterson. It looked really interesting.

Snapping out of that! I need to get back to the serious stuff, work! Its not so bad that its agonisingly boring, it can be interesting! I just need to constantly cool my face just so that I don’t fall asleep staying in the same cubicle in the same cold office.

*sigh* the internet brings a great difference. I’m glad its not banned here.

Anyways, back to work and later in the evening, some exploring! Can’t wait!

Living on my own for 6 months – 1

Sneaking some snippets before the bosses report in, I’m just trying to pen/type down my experiences these past few days.

For the next 6 months, I’ll be stationed in the land below the wind, working. Who knows, I might squeeze in a vacation or two in between!

So far its just been me trying to find out where the nearest launderette is (found it, can’t be bothered to wash my nice clothes…don’t want to risk ruining it!), the nearest convenience store etc. So far, found ’em all but I still have to fill the place with some of my necessities!

That done, I need to remember to buy me an umbrella, its unbearably hot here! I just can’t believe how a person could withstand the heat for the whole day! what more for a mere 5 minutes to walk to my office!

So yeah, friends are coming on the way since the people in KK are reasonably happy, relaxed and friendly. The downside is there’s no internet in the house, and the tv doesn’t work. Thank God for Patrick. (For those who don’t know, Patrick’s my hard drive). All the movies and cartoons saved in there was worth saving. My nights would’ve been torturous trying to read all the books I brought real…s.l.o.w.l.y….

Anyway, the scary woman boss who has slightly crooked brown front teeth is back in the office. Best show my best foot! She might like it! 😛