Sometimes in the morning

A sudden pick me up will appear. Its always unasked, which makes it unexpectedly good. This morning I remembered a friend’s blog that I haven’t visited in a long while, its a personal blog written the way she sees things, the way she thinks and the things that makes her happy. 

I like this friend and every time I read her writings I remember our nice meet ups, our early mornings spent exercising together, our evenings eating and sometimes through encouraging comments written on each other’s blogs. 

Today I saw a post where she linked a video from youtube – I lift my hands by Chris Tomlin. Indeed for the grump I can be some mornings, the song lifted my soul and made me feel that its all good.

The link is below if you’d like to check it out 🙂

Fun times at Home #9

Waking up – long distance

My text message to my sister.

Me : Hey, is Melanie up yet?

Panda*: I don’t know.

Me: Storm into her room and get her to wake up ok, thanks.

Panda : I’ll do a hurricane!

*moments of silence as she does her thing, soon my phone buzzes*

Panda: I’m joining her to sleep. Its comfy, you should come.

Me: …*smacks forehead*

*Name changed to protect her privacy.

Sleepy Adventures

A few nights ago after having too much wine, food and chocolate my eyes involuntarily decided to close the shutters.

I appeared in a village that’s deep in the jungle. People were dressed in colourful clothes and feathers on their head or waist. They seem to speak in a different tongue, but as dreams goes, I understood it. And in a strange way, I’m a stranger and at the same time a part of the villager’s community.

What conspired after was a very important ceremony. Something needed to take place and somehow I was involved in a horrible deed that was treacherous to the people of the village. A man, who turns out to be my only supporter, ended up catching a terrible disease, or was poisoned. Also my fault, I can’t remember how – – I’m doing my best to recapture the adventure in my dream.

The people outside my temporary wooden abode were starting to get restless. They were angry and they needed to vent, shouting started and chaos ensued. The chief or the ring leader climbed up the bamboo ladder leading to the living room I’m in, my friend wasn’t looking too good as he sat beside me. The chief was not impressed. He gave an ultimatum, followed by a threat, images of a noose and many sharp pointy sticks conjured in my head. I had to solve the problem or give my life as a way of compensation.

It didn’t help that my friend is an important figure in the community and is in this situation…with me in the picture. Things were looking from bad to worse.

The chief left and I had to find a way to clear my name. A solution came strangely, by way of a floating dandelion stalk that landed on my table. Then a light so bright shone, I squinted my eyes to try and see. A person stood before me and spoke in the loveliest voice.

The being (I couldn’t tell the gender) advised me of the tasks I need to fulfill, the exotic ingredients I need to find, and the spirits I need to appeal to. All this leads to only one thing, the one thing that can save me, is to save my friend first.

Easy peasy.

The whole searching, finding, pleading and torment was shortened in my dream but I had no doubt I had almost a months worth of effort in it. Somehow I had favour from the spirits and beings in my dream, coincidences and sudden helping hands came to my aid. Soon, I had everything that was needed, and as dreams normally do I don’t need to journey back to my hut, instead a new scene appeared and I was in front of a giant black cauldron. Green fumes rose from the pot as everything was already added into it, some words were chanted and a wooden spoon was used to stir the concoction. I poured the liquid into a beaker (modern items seem to appear without my knowing, I never question it) and let it cool.

My friend was lying down on a mat and was feverish, he has taken a turn for worse and was sweating profusely. His lips were discoloured and he was mumbling a lot. I wasted no time and quickly fed him the elixir. I prayed with all my heart and with everything that is in me.

Another scene appeared after that and I was standing near a stage. I seem to be in the middle of a theatrical play and the village people were there but in modern clothes, the only ones with the colourful clothes and feathers were actors, entertainers and workers for the event.

My friend bounced next to me still in his traditional outfit, he smiled and said everything is back to normal, I did it!

I don’t know exactly what I did but it was all good. Everyone didn’t recognise me except for my friend, he held my hand as we walked and then…

I woke up.

Naming a Pet

A short break from my Fun Times at Home series here’s a random snippet! 

Its fairly important to think of a suitable and easy name for your pet. Something acceptable and dignified for your pet, even though they don’t understand words the way we do.

My sisters and I were pondering over “If we have a dog, what would we name it?” 

Melanie (youngest) : I definitely want to call it Ceberus, imagine how cool it sounds? Here Ceberus, FETCH!

*images and roars of fire pound in the quiet room*

Panda (second in line from the throne) : I think interesting and funny names are the way to go. That way the pet would think they’re already making us happy! I like names like Momo!

Both youngest and I shrugged, its fair enough since it suits her personality. Then both sisters looked at me expectantly.

Me : …..Neng…

Both sisters : What?

Me : I would name it Neng. Its a syllable, there’s no pet with that name and you can use several inflections with this name to express different emotions.

Both sisters : *dumbfounded*

Me : I think its a cool name…

Fun times at Home #8

This fun time happened a couple of years back when we were still in secondary school. My youngest sister asked her friends over for a study group and have commanded the dining room area. The sliding doors were shut to prevent any distracting noises from the living area and the young little things were studying very hard!

So the other sister and I decided that they needed a break and a treat…both of us looked at each other with a glint in our eye and then…

Friend #1 : *pokes at youngest* Melanie….are those your sisters?

Melanie : Huh? Where?

Friend #2: look down…

Youngest stares downwards and finds both her elder sisters wrapped in blankets and groaning on the floor while chanting “we are worms…wormsssss….we are wormsssss!*


Me and other sister : WooOoooRmmmmmsSSsss!

Fun times at Home #7

My whole family loves animals, dogs being our favourite animal. So its not such a shock to know that we religiously keep to all of the “Dog whisperer’s” series. We always look forward to watching which weird dog Cesar’s gonna tame next, sometimes putting his moves on each other…because its entertaining like that.

A few scenarios that happened —

Mini fun time #1

Cesar was teaching a couple on how to raise a dog’s confidence by stroking under his chip with an upwards motion, rather than patting his head which is to put it down to its place.

Me : Whoa, I didn’t know that! I know another friend’s dog that needs to know its place!

Dad : *pats my head down firmly*

Me : OI!!!!!

Everybody laughs…har har very funny.

Mini fun time #2

Cesar was teaching a dog its boundaries and then the dog start acting up, Cesar immediately made his infamous shushing sound with the finger shoving gesture at the dog which always magically stops the dog in its tracks.

That got an immediate response from the rest of us.

Me : Mom! SSSH! SSH! No more snacks!

Mom : SSH! yourself! I won’t cook you dinner!

Both sisters SSH each other while rolling around the carpet…omg they’re weird….

Youngest sis : Hey remember the other dog we met at a friend’s house? Didn’t you try this on her?

Me : Oh yeah I did!

Youngest sis : yeah she refused to listen to her owner but you came in pointed your finger at her and she quietly sat down! You didn’t even make a sound!

Me : Oh yes I’m alpha, now bow to me slaves!!!

Both sisters : we are wormsssssss….

Ok, not true about the worms but I did say I’m alpha which everyone agrees…there is a real worm story! I’ll share next time!

Fun times at Home #6

Another fun time I remembered, I got home from a great night out with friends and of course we had a few drinks, I arrived home very happy.

It was late and the whole house was dark, I wanted to just lie on something cold and stumbled into my youngest sister’s room. I saw a motionless form covered in blankets and called out.

Me : Hey, Melanie….you awake?

Her : What kind of question is that?! Go away and leave me alone!

Me : Ahahahaha you’re awaaake!!! *jumps on bed*

Her : Get out, get out, get out! You stink!!!

Me : Noooooo, we’re familyyyyyyy….

I don’t know what happened after that but I know we ended up chit chatting the rest of the night away. Maybe we should do it again…

Fun times at Home #5

So I thought about which fun times would be fun to share and inadvertently create one this morning!

My youngest sister has great affections for her soft, sinkable bed. Its really comfortable, I’ve jumped on it a few times when she’s out. Ah fun times.

But of course that’s not today’s fun time post, this is what happened :

I have dressed up and just finished my oatmeal when my second sister slithered out her room. She looked at me and smiled…scarily.

Me : Why smile like that at me?!

Her : *smiles some more* *snorts and goes back into her room*

That reminded me that I have another sister who has not woken up…

I swung her room door with great aplomb and sang like Pavarotti

Me : Melanie…melanieeeeeee….MEEEEELANIEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!! ***

Young sis : *snores*

Oh well, not everyone likes opera.


***Names have been changed to protect her privacy.

Fun times at Home #4

My dad and I have the same temperament, we tend to be serious and we don’t talk much if the atmosphere is tense. Keeping our cool while we assess what can be done. Fortunately, we do have our light heartedness, and thanks to genetics, I can be as whacky as my mom…to a certain degree.

Anyway, this fun time happened at home and in the elevator going down to the lobby. I was really tired from working late nights, and wasn’t looking really good. My dad noticed and went up to me.

Dad : Why are you so tired?

Bad mood me : Why can’t I be tired?
[Malaysian style] : Why? Cannot ah?

Dad says nothing and smirks. We entered the elevator and I squatted down as we wait for the ride to the lobby.

Dad lets out colossal fart.

Bad mood me : DAD! WHY DID YOU FART?!

Dad : Hehe, why? cannot ah?

Fun times at Home #3

My family and I like to speak in our own code, its greatly advantageous to us when we need to communicate to each other in public, we’re practically winners in charades and taboo. Its not cheating, its pretty clever!

So we have one that isn’t really a code, but mentioned pretty frequently :

“Let’s talk in the dark”

Its a literal reference, and more of a joke poking thing than anything.

How it came about

Version 1 (coz I can’t remember which was it)

One day my mom and I were having a drink while chatting outside her toilet door. We were laughing and gesturing wildly when out of the blue, she stood up and flick the switch off.

I was thinking – what the hell?!

Mom : Let’s talk in the dark–in the dark, in the dark, in the daaaaaark!

Me : NO WAY!

Version 2

We were young – ish. In the glory days of teen hood and we spent a lot of time at home than going out with friends. Which probably explains why there are so many stories about.

My mom likes to make up songs and most of the time the lyrics are just nonsense, but it rhymes, sticks in your head and you won’t sing anything else but that for the rest of the day. My sister has really large eyes and she would set it off on anyone to get things her way. So she flashed it at my mom one time and my mom immediately got into the singing mood…

Mom : (other sister name), has such big eyes, big black eyes that can see in the dark! In the dark, in the dark, in the daaaaaark!

Three of us : *bewildered*