The Power of Words, Words and Words

Just bought and read the first 20 pages a book called “The Four Agreements”, written by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Typically, I wouldn’t be caught reading anything else aside from my favourite genre’s : fantasy, thrillers and adventure. However I have been encouraged and persuaded to invest a little for my own personal development.

What surprises me however is how much of an easy read this book turned out to be! Most of the time I avoided personal development books like a plague because of the perception that it would be dry, fake and repetitive. I was proven wrong on all counts.

The book appealed to my love for mythology and stories as it started off with a little history on how they came about the “agreements” and new found wisdom they want to share. Its only the first 20 pages but I can’t wait to return to it to see what else I can learn from it.

So far, I was taught the power of words, how it affects not only others but ourselves as well. How we are formed by the words we speak out because words, not only affect people emotionally but they also form a binding agreement with the brain. I didn’t realise how profoundly powerful a sentence uttered could change a person entirely!

The book proved itself right though because unknowingly that’s what happened to me! I have a really good friend who says nothing but good and positive words on me. It was ALL he said and he strengthened the power of his words by saying this :

“Its only the truth.”

Not only did he succeeded in making me feel a lot better with myself, his words formed an agreement in my head that I am that sort of person! What happened later was that people start noticing a change in me. Not only in my posture or my outlook but get this, they actually say that my features have improved tremendously! I didn’t realise anything like this is happening, I see myself in the mirror everyday and I still look the same to me.

Its as if God performed plastic surgery on me overnight.

I learn not to undermine the power of words and to speak with care. I can’t wait to read on and see what else can I glean from this book. Check it out yourself and see what you can take from it!