Busy Busy

Ah and the busy work life finally came, gone now are my relatively free-er busy days, and in comes the tsunami of projects, budgets and datelines.

Its not that bad really, I just miss the days when I could lounge back and enjoy a good book. Flipping and savouring it from cover to cover, accompanied by a large packet of cheese flavoured crisps and a pint cold, heart melting, chocolately goodness.

*salivates a puddle under my table*


Painful Choices

She was torn between two.

One offers all the fun, joy and satisfaction.

The other presents the fulfillment of needs and future promises.


She has to make a choice before the bell tolls.

Her heart wrecked, strained as she weighs between the two.


The time for decision came a moment too soon.

As she walks away from one and picks the other.

Tears threatened but she held back with strength she never knew existed.


She has made her choice.


Tonight she reads the books on marketing and business instead of Karen Miller’s books on mages.