Maybe a dream – Short story part 1

We’ve been friends for ages. Most of the people would think we’re like an old married couple, but we never took a step beyond friendship. Him always saying that we’re not meant for each other and me, just accepting whatever he says.

There was a line he doesn’t want to cross, that is the line I wanted to destroy.

But I couldn’t.

My cowardly self made no move to risk the fun and enjoyment of just being by his side. I know, he would never thought of me like that, never to make him weak at the knees, never to think about at night, never to randomly give a call.

I turned to my pillow late one night, crying myself to sleep of the hopelessness of my situation, then I hear a sound.

It was peculiar, it attracted my attention and I recognised it. It was not gentle, neither was it distinctive, it was really, just there. A sound that called out to me. I stopped my crying and tried to locate the sound, I walked out my window…

…into a cabin with a roaring fireplace. It was dimmed out and the typical cabin furniture was in the room. Of course, there is a large chair facing towards the fire place. My heart stopped thinking there might be someone sleeping there. I tiptoed around the chair, took a deep breath and swung towards the front of the chair.

There was no one there.

Really, I was disappointed, yet at the same time, relieved. I let out a great breath and sat down on the large and comfortable chair. The fireplace crackled and soon I drifted to sleep from the warmth…

I started dreaming and saw my sleeping self on the chair, when the door swung open. A hulking body trudged in covered in animal skins and was followed in by a panting furry figure. He paused as he noticed his resting place trespassed, cautiously he approached the chair. My heart was trapped in my throat as I desperately tried to wake myself up, I was so afraid, of what I didn’t know. I just had to get up!

He looked at my face, just then I felt my ‘self’ sucked into my body and I saw his face. Just then he fell back in shock with my sudden waking and we stared at each other. I could hear both our heartbeats beating rapidly and we both sat frozen for a while until we both heard a low grumble growl from the back. I froze while he was woken from his reverie and quickly he calmed the beast with whispered words and I heard it feeding.

My body stubbornly refused to move while fear continued to build up then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I screamed.

I screamed so loud, I screamed hysterically, I screamed like there was no tomorrow.

The door swung open and my parents ran into my room with a panicked look in their face, my sisters peeping from behind them.


It was 3 am and I felt bad for scaring the family, I calmed them and told them it was only a nightmare. My whole body was shivering in sweat, I shed my clothes to take a shower and saw a hand imprint on my top.


New love in sight!

The bookworm me, reporting in!

I’ve recently encountered an explosion of new ideas ever sinced I’ve read this authors work. He’s been around for quite a while but I treated him like how I treated Terry Pratchet and J.R.R. Tolkien: with disdain and ignorance.

I have to say that it was especially unfair of me since I proclaim my favourite genre to be fantasy. I was totally biased and I will read before I judge.

Everyone, please welcome my new favourite: NEIL GAIMAN!!! Woohoo!

Previously, I thought that he would be weird, weirder and just, you know, OBNOXIOUSLY WEIRD. But it turned out to be a perfect blend of reality and fantasy! Something that I’ve been craving for after having too much depth into the fantastic circumstances carved out by perfectly brilliant minds.

It was amazing, awesome and outrageously unbelievable. I love his books and I’m gonna get some more baby!

I’m going to make sure when I travel out, I’ll bring at least 3 books, no, make that 4 books that’s written by him.

Its going to be a party.