New love in sight!

The bookworm me, reporting in!

I’ve recently encountered an explosion of new ideas ever sinced I’ve read this authors work. He’s been around for quite a while but I treated him like how I treated Terry Pratchet and J.R.R. Tolkien: with disdain and ignorance.

I have to say that it was especially unfair of me since I proclaim my favourite genre to be fantasy. I was totally biased and I will read before I judge.

Everyone, please welcome my new favourite: NEIL GAIMAN!!! Woohoo!

Previously, I thought that he would be weird, weirder and just, you know, OBNOXIOUSLY WEIRD. But it turned out to be a perfect blend of reality and fantasy! Something that I’ve been craving for after having too much depth into the fantastic circumstances carved out by perfectly brilliant minds.

It was amazing, awesome and outrageously unbelievable. I love his books and I’m gonna get some more baby!

I’m going to make sure when I travel out, I’ll bring at least 3 books, no, make that 4 books that’s written by him.

Its going to be a party.