Outdoor Outing Fun

What a way to kickstart the weekend by waking up early and getting outdoors right away!

After my trip up to Mount Kinabalu, I just can’t get enough of being in tune with nature and just sweating out all the air conditioning out of my system. I love that with each pump of the muscles, I’m moving forward, just walking or jogging into greenery.

My friends and I went to Bukit Cahaya, a botanical garden in Shah Alam, which is pretty far from our homes, about 20 km away. Road trip! It was great that we car pool so we chatted all the way to our destination whilst being accompanied by good music.

The picnic was fantastic with everyone contributing food, drinks, snacks and desserts. I have to say, the best part is where 2 of the new comers brought a whole watermelon and pineapple, equipped with a knife and chopping board! Enthusiastic people!

Two from our group organised this outing and also put in some games to while away the time rather than doing nothing and providing nourishment to the resident mosquitoes.

Some of us were becoming a buffet meal…they probably got really delicious virginal blood that has not been exposed to being outdoors so much. Mmmm office blood.

Picnic Outing

I’m getting really addicted to the outdoors and am in the midst of planning a few more excursions, one of them is definitely a second trip up Mount Kinabalu but through the Mersilau route.

The next is to Gunung Tahan, will need to check around to see how the trip will be like, heard that its a 7 day hiking trip return.

Also up my sleeve is a trip to Israel! Now that is one trip I can’t wait to pack my bags for!!

Now, I shall rest and get my book out to relax before a pint or few more tonight.

Hellllloooooo Saturday indeed 🙂