Busy Busy

Ah and the busy work life finally came, gone now are my relatively free-er busy days, and in comes the tsunami of projects, budgets and datelines.

Its not that bad really, I just miss the days when I could lounge back and enjoy a good book. Flipping and savouring it from cover to cover, accompanied by a large packet of cheese flavoured crisps and a pint cold, heart melting, chocolately goodness.

*salivates a puddle under my table*


Time Spent Reading

Has depleted tremendously.

Its been so long since I’ve lovingly embraced the pages of my beloved books. I’m definitely feeling the withdrawal symptoms, but reading at my work place might just be a little disrespectful.

I could have just solve it by picking up a book, any book! But the thing is, I get so tired after work, even concentrating takes up energy. Now I understand why people gape at my voracious appetite for books. Its not just my reading, but the time I have to read them!

So now, I have once again enlightened myself with the preciousness of ‘time’ (somehow this sentence doesn’t sound right, ugh my brain). The timportance of time, the scarcity of time…

Anyway, reading is a luxury, and I sure will do my best to indulge in it!